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I never noticed how amazing birds are until now. Just a great reminder of paradise. We will most certainly be back and can't wait!!

Family Kirk (UK & NSW)

When are you coming to Austria Tchaesen?  The kids had the time of their lives and that was the most relaxing holiday we have ever had. It was great to do nothing. Prost!!


Cath and Andie (St Johann, Austria)

Thanks Jas, we felt so far away from everything while we were there. A beautiful week well spent with my beautiful kids 'at the end of the earth'. Just what we all needed and the girls can’t stop raving about their first ‘overseas’ holiday.

Janine and the kids

Thanks Jason for being the best travel guide ever. The wildlife was crazy good. We had the best trip and can’t wait to go back.

Jack and Harry Deschamps aged 13 and 12 (Sydney)

Senor, your lodge is one big bird hide. The photos I got from the upstairs windows are amazing. I will be back with a much, much better camera. So good.


Mario Fusch

That was tops mate, we have never felt so at home on holidays. The turbo chickens are off show. It was all much appreciated and especially the night goggles for the kids. They won’t let me off the hook now, they have become little wildlife warriors.


Thanks again Bruce, Angela, Matt, Melanie and Zac

8 tours of Tasmania and somehow we missed this bit. What a spectacular, gentle, wild and beautiful place. Fantastic! CU in Broome.


 Barry and the tribe

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