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Location, Location.

This entire area is truly spectacular. This southern peninsula is flanked to the east by South Bruny Island and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, to the west  the magnificent Hartz Mountain National Park and far south wilderness.

Basing yourself at Gulkula2 has you just minutes from rain forests, beaches, fishing, boating, hiking,
coastal reserves, villages, wineries and cafes.

Cygnet is the local village and this beautiful hamlet is fast becoming one of the most sought after
destinations for travellers and fellow Tasmanian’s alike.


Cygnet has two IGA supermarkets, two local butchers, two service stations, multiple cafes, restaurants, art and craft shops, galleries, a market culture and more.

Turn left to Kettering and the Bruny Island Ferry is a beautiful 25 minute drive along the coast from Gulkula2.

The Aurora Australis appears on the southern horizon in the right conditions and here you are just minutes from

the best viewing areas you could find.

The phenomena of bio luminescence can also be experienced locally as the plankton come close to shore at the right time of the lunar cycle.

On a clear night at Gulkula2 the colosseum shaped back valley is hidden from all external light creating an incredible star gazing venue that has you in a 3D dome under the milky way.

                                                                 1 hour south of Hobart.

Welcome to Gulkula2 Wildlife Retreat.

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