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Located on a peninsula surrounded by beaches, boat ramps and nature reserves, Gulkula2 disappears into a north facing private valley where you are in your own special micro climate.

Large eucalyptus including (Eucalyptus Viminalis) dominate the valley on the southern side of the property with Tea Tree (Leptospermum scoparium) bordering the northern side of the valley.

Numerous wattles and bush flowers thrive through spring to autumn providing a spectacular world for bees, butterflies, an incredible array of bizarre insects, and all of us lucky enough to experience this special place.

Winding through the property are large open valleys that allow easy access to these rapidly changing environments.

Over 1km of walking and driving tracks allow you to access the beautifully timbered high country on the south as well as the Tea Tree maze to the north.

Gulkula2 is a bird watchers paradise with dawn and dusk bringing the chorus of birds to life and when they are on song the entire valley provides truly wondrous acoustics to start and finish each day.

Night brings out Tasmania’s amazing marsupials including, on occasion ,the famous and critically endangered Tasmanian Devil.


Wander through the property after dark with night vision goggles that are provided for your stay and see what wonders you can discover.

Welcome to Gulkula2 Wildlife Retreat.

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