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A world of diversity

The wildlife of Gulkula2 and the surrounding peninsula is truly stunning. The diversity of life in such a small area is a result of the extraordinary landscape features that blend dry sclerophyll forest, coastal environments, rainforest and mountainous regions into one peninsula of life.

Gulkula2 thrives on it's natural micro climate in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


A bird watchers heaven with a nightlife of marsupials, the habitat is for them.

When the birds sing goodbye at the end of each day the frogs take over the acoustics and give us a chorus forgotten! Click the play button below for an idea.


Night brings some of the cutest animals you could imagine with little Pademelons, Bandicoots, Quolls, and Devils roaming the valley.

Night vision binoculars allow you to explore and record your experience of Gulkula2. We encourage you to add to our galleries so others may also get an idea of the treasures awaiting you here.

Four friendly Alpacas maintain the gardens and provide no end of atmosphere to the property.

Welcome to Gulkula2 Wildlife Retreat.

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